The best saffron from the farms of khorasan province in Iran
Iranian pistachio is the most delicious pistachio in the world.
Fragrant Rose water
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Our company as a professional intermediary introduces your products to the Iranian Market and we can import any legal goods you need. 

Iranian products

Our Production company is proud to be one of the economic enterprises active in the field of standard packaging of Iranian saffron, fragrant rose Damascena's essential oil ,some dried fruits, and pistachios, has used its experts and specialists in optimizing production lines and processes.

export and import


Our Trading Company is a leading and active exporter of nuts and saffron, which exports its products with the most advanced equipment after packaging.

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Shipping to all parts of the world


selling sample saffrons (20 grams)and price list

tape of saffron
  • Super Negin  |      kg 1        $ 705                                gram  20        $  15
  • Super Negin  ||     kg 1        $ 695                                gram  20        $  14/5
  • NEGIN                   Kg1        $ 680                                gram  20        $  14
  • Sargol All Red      kg1         $ 630                                gram  20        $  13
  • Pushal Mancha    kg1         $ 530                                gram  20        $  11/5
Note: Shipping , packaging  costs are added to this amount. and We can also send a 20-gram package to restaurants, shops and clubs to prepare desserts and drinks.


selling sample fragrant damascena rosa essential oil

the sample of the first essential oil is one dollar per gram to which the costs of shipment and delivery will be added.and the completely pure essential oil comes in 9 dollars per gram also without shipment costs. shipment costs vary based on distance.

.Medical value
of fragrant rose(Damascena); you can read, Dr.hooshmand’s interview about this on the blog page.

rose oil

We are  interested in exporting our products to other countries which can lead to a trustworthy business partnership and s relationship between us if you would be willing to trust us for handling your exports.

We wish to be good and profitable business partners for each other in international

pistachio size measurment

There are many pistachio orchards in Khorasan province. A method for detecting pistachio ounces is common among farmers is 142 grams of pistachios are weighed with a special scale and then divided into five groups.  If between 20 to 22 packages are made then the pistachio ounce is 20 to 22. If between 24 to 26 packages are made, the pistachio ounce is 24 to 26, and if it is made between 28 to 30 batches, it is called 28 to 30 ounces. Smaller ounces mean that the pistachios are bigger in size. In a separate image on the catalog page, we put the types of pistachios. In September and October, it is time to harvest pistachios afterwards they will be transported immediately in factories which in there they will be peeled off and closed pistachios will be separated from open ones. closed pistachios are considered to be cheaper and after breaking their shells, they will be used in food, confectionery, chocolate and ice cream industries. Some people grill pistachios, some eat them raw and it is one of The most popular nuts in the world, enjoy!

type of iranian Pistachio
Click on the video to see pistachio processing in the factory.