About our business :

Our fields of activities include Exports include saffron, aromatic Rose essential oil and Pistachio .
The CEO of company and sales director is Effat Mirzaei and Dr. Amirmohammad Roshani is also a member of the boared.
We are also interested in exporting your products to other countries which can lead to a trustworthy business partnership and relationship between us if you would be willing to trust us with handling your exports. 
We wish to conduct profitable business relations among each other.

People of our family company

amirmohammad Roshani

Dr.amirmohammad Roshani

He is member of the Board

Effat Mirzaei

Effat Mirzaei

MBA Graduate she is the CEO

Marziyeh Roshany

Dr.Marziyeh Roshany

She is Consultant and translator